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Automation is the key to eliminating excess cost. The continued evolution of the parking industry has yielded the introduction of new automated devices. These devices significantly reduce labor costs as well as expand revenue potential. Preferred Parking remains at the forefront of new advances in equipment by specializing in the installation, operation, and maintenance of automated parking devices from most major manufacturers.


Digital Pioneer was the choice for this application to accept credit cards and cash. (Overall transient revenue has increased 25% from this particular automated unit).

Automated Daily
Parking Locations

Located on strategic surface lots in uptown Charlotte, this Luke unit accepts Credit, Debit cards and cash to provide full payment options to our clientele.

Attendant vs. Automation

To reduce labor costs and enhance customer service, we installed a Vault-Technologies unit with a protective awning. Accepting credit cards and cash, this unit enhanced customer service and presented new payment options for our clientele.

“We never stop looking for ways to improve 

our customer service.”

SkiData Entry Gates/Columns

Choosing the next generation of parking control equipment, we have financed the first installation in Charlotte of Skidata gates and parking columns at the EpiCentre garage. Instead of relying just upon the standard practice of ticket issuance at entry, these state of the art units allow entry and exit by personal credit card for expanded convenience. In addition, these rapidly cycling units use nearly “unbreakable” parking arms to reduce long term operating costs.

“Service, coupled with efficiency and expediency results in 

continued profitability with a loyal customer base”


DataPark Pay on Foot Station
To streamline costs and improve payment flexibility, we automate our garages by coupling Pay on foot stations along with pay in lane units to offer our parking users greater convenience and ease of payment. Let us analyze your location for the feasibility of this option for you

“The Whole Is Only As Great As The Sum Of It’s Parts”

Parking Equipment Providers
Preferred Parking uses many variations of parking equipment. By utilizing different equipment providers, we can provide a range of options for clients when selecting equipment. Preferred can provide objective counsel when selecting equipment due to our experience with different manufacturers. Competition between the providers equates to better pricing and service to our clientele.
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