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Preferred Parking specializes in parking facility management. Our proactive, efficiency-oriented approach coupled with our keen insight into the parking industry provides you with maximum returns while improving service.

Maximize per space revenue

The most efficient and profitable garages couple daily/transient parking with monthly parking. Through diligent oversight and strict controls Preferred Parking maximizes the return per space for many clients everyday.

For decades many property managers and owners operated under the belief that “parking is easy”. As a result they created an in-house position or use their security staff to handle their parking needs. In most instances this process results in less than optimal performance. This lack of comprehensive industry experience in parking operations can be costly to the owners.

“Active parking management can make parking appear easy.”

Preferred Parking offers property managers and owners a range of benefits including but not limited to:
  • First-Tier Umbrella Liability Protection
  • Completely reconciled and documented monthly statements by the 15th of the ensuing month.
  • More than 100+ years of industry-specific parking management knowledge and experience, coupled with the longest tenured parking staff in our region.
  • First class pro-active management and customer service as well as a continuing commitment to the quality and profitability of your asset. 
  • Award-winning, industry-first technology designed to reduce labor and increase efficiency.
  • Industry leading receivable process ensuring the lowest receivables balance possible.
  • Detailed custodial account reconciliation.
Parking is the first and last impression a visitor has of each property. We enhance the visitor experience by incorporating a seamless approach to assist them in any way possible. A strong customer service oriented approach is the key to a lasting impression of arrival and departure at any Preferred Parking location.

Independently Profitable 

Many parking facilities are actually a small part of a larger building or complex. With varied operational challenges different properties bring, privatizing parking operations from building operations is the most effective way to bring maximum value to your assets.

Parking Equipment Maintenance

Specialized parking equipment has given rise to specialized maintenance companies who charge premium fees for their services. By employing in-house technicians, stocking additional replacement parts as well as refurbishing used equipment, we reduce repair costs and downtime for our clients every day.


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