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“Parking Companies have been doing business the same way for years, it was time to determine how technology could help us better serve our customers.”
Since its introduction in 2001, our award-winning website, www.PreferredParking.com is unmatched in the parking industry. Allowing customers to visually scroll over an interactive parking map that displays monthly and daily rate information as well as availability, this web site provides customers with a hassle-free approach to parking. In conjunction with our proprietary parking management software (ParkMaster), www.PreferredParking.com further automates the enrollment process by calculating pro-rated amounts for partial month enrollment, initiating Auto-Draft enrollment, requiring cancellation policy acceptance, and allowing customers to review and print their monthly statements.

Online Automated Enrollment Process

Interactive Map

As a  user moves their mouse pointer over Preferred locations, the status windows displays information including price and availability in real time.

Registration Screen


Payment and Cancel Agreement


Payment Information


Payment Confirmation


Temporary Parking Permit printed from the customers computer.


Additional automated services offered through the website include parking enforcement ticket information and payments, automated seasonal and transient event parking information and payments, university faculty permit registration, and customer comment surveys.

Through www.preferredparking.com customers can research, pay and appeal outstanding violations from their computer.

NFL Tailgating and Parking -- Our website  enables customers to research lot locations as well as pay for event parking in advance.

Customer locate various parking options at Lowes Motor Speedway by view a descriptive diagram of the area.

The web-site provides customers a medium for voicing their comments and concerns. As part of Preferred Parking Service, Inc.’s continuing commitment to quality these comments are compiled and analyzed to ensure customer’s expectations are exceeded.

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